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Helping you shape it up

Elite Strength and Fitness is located just a few minutes from Park Avenue in downtown Winter Park. We are committed to helping individuals rediscover their health, fitness, confidence, and improving their quality of life.

We create a training plan that will optimize your lifestyle and fit within your schedule and help you achieve your fitness goals and maintain your health. We also keep workouts to 20 minutes so you can go on with your busy schedule. So, in only a few weeks with our trainer, you will notice changes in your body, changes that will last for years!

Whether you need results in as little as six months, nine months, or twelve months, our personal trainers will help you every step of the way.


If you’ve ever been embarrassed, hesitant, or nervous about going to a traditional gym, then this gym is the place for you because it provides the privacy and support that you desire.

  • Increases lean muscle without injury
  • Increase bone density without injury
  • Increase metabolism without injury
  • Scheduled workouts with your own certified personal trainer
  • Access to your nutrition expert
  • Fun, Safe and Friendly, Family atmosphere
  • Exclusive Family-Owned Boutique Winter Park Gym

What makes us the best for the crowds?

One on one time with a certified personal trainer
When you enroll in any of our training plans, you will have a personal trainer. Together you will work towards achieving your body goals. You will set the pace for every session, and this means you will not strain when working out.
Customized training sessions
Our personal trainer will arrange the training sessions based on your needs. Whether you want a slower pace, one session, or three sessions each week, talk to your personal trainer. Your current fitness will be the basis of your training sessions to ensure that you get better, not worse.
Access to a nutrition expert
In addition to providing personalized training, we will grant you access to a nutrition expert who will teach you the latest and the most effective tips to enhance your gym results. A personal trainer and better nutrition will bring a complete transformation that’s going to help you improve your balance, muscle tone, stamina, and mobility. Our nutrition expert will teach you how to do things right.
Affordable Personal Training

Based on your budget, you will be able to choose a training plan, 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months. Considering the positive results that you will get from our personal trainer, the amount you pay will not even be a consideration.

Safe, fun, and clean environment
We are a small boutique gym with weekly sessions that are by appointment only. We rarely have more than 3 clients at a time in the training room.
Our AC system is equipped with the same UV light that hospitals use to sterilize masks and rooms. Equipment is wiped down and sterilized with an industrial-grade cleaner between every single workout session, and because everything is by appointment only, there is very little traffic. It does not get any cleaner, more sterile, or safer than Elite Strength and Fitness.

Don’t just take our word for it. Read more about what our clients are saying about us.